NupepShrooms Review

NupepShrooms have been operating around Vancouver before going online (stated by their website). They have a quite an extensive range of products, and their website is well designed and easy to navigate. Their products look smart because of the consistent packaging and their logo on all products. Read our full Nupep Shrooms review below.

You can learn about magic mushrooms in Canada on our website.

NupepShrooms Review 


Their products have their own company branding and design which adds a nice touch to the packaging. 

Micro dose

They have six different options for microsing, using different extracts such as ginger root, and all the packaging advises what benefit comes with each product, such as microdosing to decrease anxiety or enhance energy. All options were on sale.


Every product has a review section so customers can see how well rated the product is, and some basic information is given about the uses and benefits of each type of mushroom. There are sale options, and with only two out of 14 products sold out, they have a good range available. The magic mushrooms are dry whole shrooms and a few of the options available are:

  • African Transkei 
  • B+ Cubensis 
  • Big Mexican 
  • Blue Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana (sold out)
  • Amazonian Cubensis 
  • Golden Teacher AAAA+
  • Treasure Coast Psilocybin (sold out)

Psilocybin Tea

They have six different mushroom teas, all available to buy in bags of 500mg, and at the time of review, all teas had a sale of roughly half price off the original cost. 

  • Black Chai
  • Ginger Lemon Tea
  • Ginger and Turmeric Green Tea
  • Mango Tea
  • Morrocan Mint Tea
  • Oolong Orange Tea


The edibles they have include magic mushroom infused gummies and chocolate bars, both on sale.


The samplers offer a mix of products, such as the ‘power sampler and the ‘spirit sampler’. 


NupepShrooms offer a $10 promo code for new users who sign up using their email address. Their prices on shrooms are not the cheapest on the market, for example seven grams of Golden Teacher AAAA+ will cost the user just under $70, however every product on the website is on sale, with some products having nearly 50% off.


Using Canada Xpresspost, free delivery is available for orders over $149, otherwise there is a flat fee of $19.99. They ship all over Canada and some reviews have vouched that they received their orders within the 2-3 days advised on the website. [1]

Is NupepShrooms Legit?

NupepShrooms have a number of online reviews suggesting that they are indeed a legit company. The reviews on their websites also seem to be genuine and from customers who have ordered from them already. They have most questions answered in their FAQ’s section, even including information regarding making card payments and security. Another review, in addition to some of Reddit reviews, stated that they communicated effectively and that the products were good quality.[2] 

In comparison to some of the websites selling shrooms, they have a fair amount of information about psilocybin, as well as some articles and instructions on use. Overall, they seem to have a professional, well stocked website.

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It’s been almost a month since I placed an order with nupep. No tracking, reply to my concern or product.

Fraudulent company!

that facts. they use fake reviews on their website because they have 100% control over the reviews and its impossible to make your own review on the website. other websites that people have went to review show that they are also scammer

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