How Much Do Shrooms Cost?

Are you unsure of how much you should be paying for magic mushrooms? 

Shrooms are ever-increasing in popularity, and with high demand comes a varying change in prices, so it can be hard to know when you’re onto a deal or when you’re being ripped off. 

From microdosing to whole dried shrooms, costs can change depending on the species, and what type of form you buy them in.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the average cost of shrooms based on a number of different online dispensaries, as well as the advantages of picking your own or buying online. 

Buying Shrooms

Back in the day, most people hunted for their own shrooms or went to a dealer. As psilocybin is illegal pretty much everywhere in the world, buying shrooms isn’t as easy as getting your hands on cannabis for example. 

However, there are quite a few countries that have decriminalized the personal use of shrooms, although selling and cultivating is still prohibited. 

So where do people buy shrooms from if they don’t have a local dealer?

In some countries such as Canada, there are now numerous online dispensaries which cater to the shroom community. 

They sell everything from whole dried shrooms to edibles and microdosing capsules, and they have the added convenience of delivering straight to your house. 

So it’s understandable that they’ve become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. 

Buying from a dealer is still an option, but they usually have less of a range and their prices will vary depending on their competition. When you buy online, it’s easy to compare websites and find the best deals when buying shrooms. 

How Much Do Shrooms Cost? 

The prices of shrooms aren’t fixed, so you may find that it varies from country to country. It’s also a case of demand; countries with a higher demand for shrooms will have lower prices since there’s more competition around to meet those demands. 

Let’s look at shroom prices broken down by their different forms: 

Whole Dried Shrooms 

The average cost per gram varies between $7-$12, and the average cost per ounce is $200-$350.

This will of course vary depending on the type of shrooms, as those with higher potency can cost more. Whole dried shrooms are popular because you can take them whichever way you like, whether it’s infused in tea, straight up, or cooked in food. 

First-time users shouldn’t really need to buy more than an 8th to have a couple of decent trips from the batch and can expect to pay roughly between $20-$35 depending on the shroom species. 

Edibles and Microdosing 

Edibles and microdosing capsules are perfect for those who want to be sure of their dosage amounts, as opposed to using whole dried shrooms. Also, they taste good, and shrooms on their own are known for not tasting particularly nice. 

Edibles – Shroom infused chocolates cost on average between $20-$40, whilst gummies vary depending on shroom potency. 

Teas – slightly cheaper with an average of $15-$20.

Microdosing capsules – can cost anywhere in the range of $30-$100, but this varies massively depending on the potency of each capsule and how many you purchase. Capsules are great for people who want the benefits of shrooms without having a full-blown trip. 

Paying vs Picking 

Whilst picking shrooms can be a great experience and a chance to get out into nature, it also comes with its risks. 

Unless you are well experienced in identifying magic mushrooms or have a trustworthy guide, you run the risk of picking up poisonous mushrooms instead and becoming seriously ill if you ingest them.

Alternatively, using online dispensaries can make your shroom trip much easier and safer. Most reputable websites have plenty of information on how much you should take, especially for first-timers. They also include a lot about the different species and their potency levels (including side effects and benefits). 

There’s also the added benefit of loyalty reward programs for members, so you may even end up saving money in the long run if you find a dispensary you like and stick with them. 

Finally, using online dispensaries allows you to check out reviews from other customers and over time, build a relationship with the company, just as you would with a dealer. 

This extra information is really useful for new and experienced shroom users, and not something you’d get when searching in the wild for shrooms, so it makes it worth the cost. 


Average costs based on prices from the following websites:

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