Shroomlife Review

Shroomlife has an easy, simple to navigate website. As well as the shop section and FAQ’s, they also have a lot of information for new and experienced shroom users. 

Shroomlife Review 

The website is great for users who wish to learn more about the uses of shrooms. A step by step guide talks new users through how to take magic mushrooms for the first time, and even goes into detail about what post trip might feel like. There is also a large amount of detail about each product, from its physical description to its effects and uses.

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Shroomlife has a very small selection available, customers can choose from:

Whole dried shrooms

  • African Transkei Cubensis 
  • B+ 
  • Big Mexican
  • Golden Teacher
  • PES Amazonian 

Microdosing options – capsules 

  • Ginger Root Extract (100mg/200mg)
  • Lion’s Mane/Niacin (150mg)
  • Bacopa Monnieri and Ginkgo Biloba

The capsules are available to be bought in packs of 10,20 and 30 pills. 

Out of the five whole dried shrooms options, only three are in stock. Instructions on how to consume the products, as well as dosage amounts and timings are given under each product. 

Customers can also leave reviews for each product to give feedback on how their experience was with the product.


The prices on Shroomlife are reasonable, for example an ounce of Golden Teacher costs $195. Some of the products have discounts available but it isn’t advertised as on sale, the discount is applied when the customer chooses the gram amount. 


Shipping is free on all orders above $150, which is considerably less compared to the minimum spend amount on other websites. All orders under that amount will incur a $20 flat fee, however it isn’t explicitly listed anywhere on the website (apart from in screenshots of payment instructions). Shroomlife uses Canada Xpresspost, and advises that shipping takes 3 business days to arrive. 

Shroomlife Coupon

There isn’t a specific coupon, however shroomlife works on a points based system. For example, every dollar spent will give the customer one point that can then be redeemed when the user hits 100 points. 

Is Shroomlife Legit?

Shroomlife is a legit website, although it looks like they are fairly new to the market, and have a very limited amount of products. One review on Reddit stated that their order was received with 

no issues and they had no complaints about the effects of the products.[1] There are also a number of product reviews on the website.

An independent review also backed this, stating that the Golden Teacher strain that was tested was of good quality, and that there were no issues with delivery.[2]

The prices are reasonable on the products that are available, and the point system makes for a nice incentive for customers to be able to get discounts on future orders. The website states that they are happy and willing to help customers choose the right type of magic mushrooms for them, and there is an email address that they can be contacted through.

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