Shroomworld Review

Purchasing Magic Mushrooms has never been easier, with a range of online stores available, shrooms can be delivered straight to our front doors. Shroomworld offer a range of Magic Mushrooms, shipped out from Vancouver to approximately nine provinces across Canada. They claim to use only 100% organic products, and payments can be paid with bitcoin or Interac email service. 

Shroomworld Review

Shroomworld’s website is simple but easy to navigate. Their ‘about’ section has  some commonly asked questions, as well as general information on how shrooms can be beneficial, the law in Canada regarding Shrooms and also how to set up payments to their company when ordering. New customers should create an account before purchasing. 


The pricing is average, with some items being on sale (a discount of $30 on average). A 3.5g bag of dried whole mushrooms are on average between $20-$40. The tea options are all $20 and below, while microdosing capsules (30) at $75. Tax is included, however no discount coupon options are available on their website. 


Shroomworld offers Magic Mushrooms in a variety of forms such as edibles, capsules and dried whole shrooms. They also have microdosing options, and a number of tasty teas available, such as mango, peppermint and vanilla chai. Some of the strains of mushrooms they have are:

  • Golden Teachers
  • B+
  • Penis Envy
  • Cambodian Psychedelic Shrooms

At the time of writing this review, only nine out of 27 products were in stock. Each product has ratings from previous customers, so results and experiences can be read by other users. 


Shroomworld offer free shipping on all orders over $200 across Canada, from Monday-Friday. Orders under $200 will incur a $20 shipping fee, and they offer same day shipping on order made before 3:30 PM Pacific time.

 Their website also has a list of provinces that they ship to, alongside some fun facts about where to enjoy the magic mushrooms in those places. These include:

  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan 
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • P.E.I
  • Brunswick
  • NorthWest Territories
  • Nunavut  

Is Shroomworld Legit?

Shroomworld is legit and there are plenty of product reviews to assure new customers that people do receive their orders. The website is easy to navigate, and there is a helpful video to help customers set up their payment methods. Although they answer some commonly asked questions, a bit more information for people who are new to using shrooms would be useful, however their product descriptions are quite comprehensive and easy to read. The FAQ’s section under ‘Contact Us’ has lots of useful information regarding shipping and delivery, so users can be clear on how their process works. 

They don’t have a huge selection of products, but the ones they have have all been well reviewed by previous customers. To contact them, you can submit an email via the website, but no other contact information has been provided. Some users have reported that whilst they did receive their orders, communication wasn’t easy with the company when they had issues regarding shipping.[1]

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