BuyShroomsCanada Review

BuyShroomsCanada is an Ontario based company which ships Magic Mushrooms across Canada. They have a small selection of whole mushrooms, capsules and edibles. First appearances of the website is that it gives the impression of not being a large company, especially as they have a limited range of products. 

BuyShroomsCanada Review 

The website is easy to navigate but doesn’t have a lot of information regarding the subject of Shrooms. A description is given on each product however, and there are some dosage guidelines. Their FAQ’s answer most common questions, and they have a contact option to submit queries through the website.


BuyShroomsCanada has a small selection available online. Customers can choose from:

  • Edibles

Teas, mushroom gummies and shroom chocolates are available to be purchased, however there is only one option for each (not a range of flavors).

  • Capsules for microdosing 

Two different capsules are listed, both with different mushroom strains intended for different effects.

  • Whole dried mushrooms

Their list of whole dried mushrooms include; Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher, Mazatapec, Psilocybe Mexicana and Psilocybe Cubensis B+.


The pricing of items is very expensive compared to some companies that ship shrooms in Canada. For example, an ounce of Golden Teacher will set the customer back $220 dollars. On some items, a discount is applied if a large quantity is ordered. They don’t have any coupon codes available on their website. Their payments are accepted by Interac-Email Transfers, as well as Bitcoin, and users don’t need to register an account to make a purchase.


The shipping options that are listed on the website offer free Xpresspost delivery on all orders over $120, and for orders under that amount, Xpresspost delivery is available for $20 (this is their flat rate shipping fee). They ship everywhere in Canada, with orders leaving from their Ontario base, so they put the delivery arrival at 2-3 days once they have shipped. The information regarding shipping is found in FAQ’s rather than on the ordering/shipping page.

Is BuyShroomsCanada Legit?

BuyShroomsCanada hasn’t been widely reviewed, however some users on Reddit have discussed the legitimacy of the website. A representative of the website has responded with tracking orders for customers who claim they haven’t had any updates of their shipment and provided explanations on why shipping times were taking longer than advised on the website. However, some users have commented to say that their order was received successfully and that they were happy with the quality of the products.[1]

It would appear that they are one of the lesser known Magic Mushroom distributors in Canada, however according to their representative, hundreds of orders have been sent successfully without complaint, so it may be that the company is just facing some online backlash from a shipping delay.

From a customer and business perspective, it would be beneficial to put a bit more information on the website about shrooms in general, and some interesting trivia or guidelines would make the user experience more informative whilst customers shop. 

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