Shrooms Vs Acid

Both magic mushrooms and LSD are considered to be psychedelic substances, so it’s natural for users to wonder if the effects and trips are similar to each another. 

Having a psychedelic trip can come in many different shapes, and as well as there being some fundamental similarities, there are differences which set the two apart. So, which is stronger? Are they safe to mix together? This article looks into the similarities and differences of the two well known substances which are both consumed worldwide.

Magic Mushrooms vs LSD

One of the biggest arguments put forward regarding the differences between shrooms and LSD is that shrooms are ‘natural’, whilst acid is a man made product. This only true to some degree though, with LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) actually containing the fungus ergot, making it a semi-synthetic compound. It was first introduced into the modern day market of hallucinogens by a Swiss scientist, Albert Hoffman in 1934, however some studies have shown that acid has been a part of spiritual rituals and celebrations, dating back to when elites in ancient Greece dabbled with forms of LSD [1]. 

Magic mushrooms have also been on the scene for thousands of years, with data showing the use of shrooms dating back as early as 9000-7000 BC [2]. It has remained popular over the years, due to the ease of which it grows in numerous countries around the world. Acid, however, isn’t as easily accessible, and the science into how the substance affects the brain is still relatively low in comparison to how much psilocybin has been researched into. 

Psilocybin and psilocin are psychedelic tryptamines, which make up the main chemical compounds of magic mushrooms. They affect the brain by binding the serotonin receptors,  which induces psychedelic effects. A study into how LSD affects the brain also found that the substance affected certain serotonin receptors in the brain, creating similar psychoactive effects to psilocybin. Other studies have shown that LSD differs slightly from psilocybin,as it also affects the D2 dopaminergic receptors, which can create an extroverted and energetic experience compared to when taking magic mushrooms. 

Acid and Magic Mushrooms – Which is Stronger?

Whilst it isn’t possible to conduct a fair trial using the same quantities of the two substances, in general each substance has its own strengths in different areas. Many users find that magic mushrooms affect their connection to the environment, whilst LSD is better for a mental trip where one can explore their mind in more depth. 

The dosage amount plays a massive part in determining which is stronger, and as everyone has different levels of tolerance, working out which substance is stronger will come down to how much of each is consumed.

Do acid and shrooms have the same effects?

Since both substances cause hallucinogenic effects, some of the experiences that users feel will be similar. Below are some of the effects that both share[3]:

  • Visual hallucinations 
  • Euphoria or an increased positive state of mind 
  • Distorted sense of time
  • Blending of senses 
  • Rapid shifts in emotions 
  • Enhanced sensations in the senses such as smell or sound

Many users find that with psilocybin mushrooms, they feel disconnected from reality and feel an intense connection to the universe. It is considered to be more of an inward focussed experience, as it can also lead users to drop their sense of ego. In contrast, LSD, depending on the dosage, allows the user to remain in a sense of reality, whereby they can communicate with others, leading to an extro-spective experience.[4] 

Can I take magic mushrooms and LSD together?

As the effects are similar yet enhanced in different areas, many users enjoy taking both shrooms and LSD together. Finding the right dosage amount of both is key to having an enjoyable experience; if too much is consumed it could lead to a bad trip, whereby the substances overpower the users senses and induce a lack of control, often resulting in panic or paranoia. 

The good news is that both substances are very hard to fatally overdose on, so users considering mixing the two should first become comfortable with consuming each separately before combining. This will allow the user to learn their limits with each, in the hope that they find a good quantity balance.


In conclusion, both LSD and magic mushrooms hold similarities due to their psychedelic properties. Users should thoroughly research each substance to determine which is right for their desired outcome, and always start with a low dosage.

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