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How to Store Shrooms

Magic mushrooms are commonly used to induce hallucinations, feel a spiritual connection to the universe, expand the mind and they are even capable of inducing euphoria. They contain the chemicals psilocybin and psilocin, which bind to the brain’s receptors and cause feelings of pleasure.

 Getting your hands on some is easy enough, whether they’re picked straight from the ground, ordered online or bought from a cultivator. The key to preserving them to be used at a later date lies in how to store them properly, avoiding causing damage to the shrooms which will affect their longevity and potency. 

Magic Mushroom Storing

For those lucky enough to live close by to an area which produces psilocybin mushrooms, storing them to be consumed at a later date might not be a problem (depending on the seasons in which the mushrooms flourish). For everyone else, however, chances are they need a way to keep their shrooms over a period of time. 

Following the correct guidelines ensures that your shrooms will last much longer. If they aren’t stored carefully, the psilocybin chemical which contributes hugely to the effects felt by the mushrooms can become damaged, leading to a less effective trip. 

How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Understanding how to keep shrooms fresh for longer is best when broken down into two sections; fresh and dried. As magic mushrooms can be purchased in either state, it’s best to be prepared beforehand so that any shrooms that need to be stored for a later date can be done so immediately. 

Storing Fresh shrooms

Shrooms need to be stored in a dark, dry, cool area, to maintain their freshness.  

A simple way to keep fresh shrooms is to place them in a paper bag in the fridge. This method allows the shrooms to keep their potency for up to a month long, ensuring that the shrooms have been stored so that no extra moisture can build up, resulting in a waste of the batch. 

The ideal temperature of the fridge should be 2-4 degrees. If you don’t have a paper bag, an unbleached kitchen towel should do the trick. 

Storing the shrooms in a food vacuum pack will increase their longevity to around three months, however this runs the risk of growing harmful bacteria. If you plan to use your shrooms at a later date than a month’s time, it’s best to dry your shrooms first before storing them.[2]  There are plenty of techniques and machines which can be used, however some can be very costly.

One way to dry your own mushrooms is to use silica gel. Silica is a great drying agent, often found in shoe boxes to remove humidity and moisture. Placing a barrier of paper sheets over the gel in a box, the shrooms can be placed on top and left to dry out. 

To ensure that the shrooms are sufficiently dry, leave the box for 48 hours or more. Try not to check too often, as opening the lid will automatically allow moisture into the container which could result in contamination.  The shrooms should be ‘cracker dry’ (to ensure that no extra growth of bacteria can arise) before attempting to store them.[3]

Storing Dried Shrooms

If you have purchased dried shrooms, or want to store mushrooms that you have dried yourself, the best place is to keep them in the fridge, or even better, in the freezer. When placed into a tight, sealed freezer bag, they can last anywhere for six months to a year. This is because the freezing temperature stops any form of heat and moisture from affecting the magic mushrooms, preserving them for longer[3] 

An alternative is to place them in a glass or plastic container with an airtight lid. Make sure to keep the container in a cool, dark cupboard, where there is no chance of moisture or warmth to seep in.


Whether you have bought fresh or dried shrooms, or have used a spore growing kit at home to cultivate the psychedelic fungi, it is crucial to make sure the correct equipment and conditions are provided when storing shrooms for long term use. In the long run, this can save time, money and the risk of falling ill due to contamination

A tip for minimising the loss due to contamination is to store the shrooms in separate bags or jars. That way, if any of the batches begin to show damage or extra growth, it’s best to throw it away to avoid becoming unwell.





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