North Coast Remedies Review

The website offers a lot of information about the company and why Canadians are increasingly turning to the use of magic mushrooms. They give a lot of clear information, with some blogs available to read as well. This is great for first time users, they even have a section in FAQ’s where they address whether shrooms are harmful and what they taste like. Read more on Shrooms Index Canada.

North Coast Remedies Review 

In their bio, they also state that staff are available to guide new users towards shrooms that might suit them, so customers shouldn’t be hesitant to get in touch. 


North Coast Remedies has a small selection of 11 products, with some microdosing options available. A downside is the strain and types of mushrooms are not specified on any of the products. 


There are five different microdose options available with dosage amounts differing from 100mg to 500mg. Learn more about microdosing.


Milk chocolate, salted caramel and toasted coconut are available.


There are only two options to purchase psilocybin, with 3.5 gram and 7 available. 


North Coast Remedies only has one type of tea available; green tea, which comes in a pack of 7 bags. 

The products all have a good in-detail description of taking shrooms in general, and the benefits and effects that taking magic mushrooms can have on users. 


The pricing of the products is modest compared to how much some websites charge. A 7 gram batch of live organic psilocybin costs $65, and with some discounts available on the website, their prices work out to be very reasonable. 


Shipping is estimated at 2-3 days, with delivery available across Canada. Orders over $119 have free delivery, and for orders under a flat fee of $20 will be charged for shipping. 

North Coast Remedies Coupon 

New users can receive 10% off their first purchase by using the code: ‘FIRSTSHROOM’ when they check out. They also have an offer to save $30 when you create an account and share the website link (although it doesn’t specify if this will work in conjunction with the 10% first purchase discount). 

Is North Coast Remedies Legit?

There aren’t many customer reviews online or on Reddit, however customers have left reviews for individual products on the website. One customer left an independent review and stated that the potency of his order (live psilocybin) was average, but the product was well packaged and arrived with no issues.

The purchasing procedure is straightforward and the FAQ’s section is laid out easy to read and contains plenty of information. The amount of general information is one of the strengths of the website, as new and experienced users will find a lot of useful information before purchasing. 

Refreshingly, contact with the company seems to be promoted on the website, and they even have their phone number listed at the top of the website – something that not a lot of other shroom delivery websites have available. The selection is small and for those who want to order particular strains, it wouldn’t be well suited as they don’t list the types of shrooms anywhere.

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