3 Amigos Psilocybin Review

3 Amigos ( provides magic mushrooms across Canada,  using discreet and undetectable packaging for the products to reassure customers that shipping is conducted professionally. The website is informative, easy to navigate and has clear steps on how the ordering process works.

They are one of the more prominent shroom dispensaries in Canada, shipping from Victoria, BC. They are probably some pretty chill people.

3 Amigos Shrooms Review

The five-step explanation breaks down everything the customer needs to know about 3 Amigos, from selecting products to accepted payment methods and shipping information. The FAQs section covers several points regarding orders and contains general questions and some guidelines on using magic mushrooms, including microdosing and ways to consume the shrooms. 

3 Amigos have taken the time to give detailed descriptions of their products, with clear guidelines on dosage amounts and what effects are expected from different products. 

Users can get in touch via email with the company, with customer care available from 8 am-5 pm PST as an online chat. 

In addition, several incentives are available for customers, including reward points and bonuses for friend referrals. New customers also receive a discount code applied at the checkout.


The selection of products offered by 3 Amigos includes whole dried shrooms, edibles and capsules for microdosing. 

3 Amigos has a huge selection of whole dried magic mushrooms available, including:

  • African Transkei Mushrooms 
  • Alacabenzi Mushrooms
  • Brazilian Cubensis Mushrooms
  • Cambodian Mushrooms
  • Cuban Cubensis Mushrooms 
  • Vietnamese Mushrooms 
  • Mix and match selections 

The edibles include chocolate bars with eight different flavours, including some interesting choices like ‘cookies and cream. The packaging is consistent, and there are guidelines on how many psilocybin mushrooms each square of chocolate contains and user guidelines on dosage amounts. 

There are also two liquid dropper bottles with varying magic mushroom species available, aimed at those who wish to microdose. In addition, there are clear instructions on how to use the droppers effectively. 

There are two capsule options, with information regarding how the capsules can improve mood or enhance concentration and productivity. At the time of review, both capsule options were on sale, and all products were available and in stock. 


The pricing on 3 Amigos is on the expensive end of the scale, with some users commenting on how pricey the products can be. For example, an ounce of African Transkei Cubensis costs $220; however, some sale options are available on certain products. Microdosing items such as chocolate bars vary between $25-$90, and the dropper bottles range from $70 – $300. 


3 Amigos offer free shipping on orders over $99; orders under that amount will incur a shipping fee calculated at the checkout stage. Shipping is only available within Canada, with minimum orders being $59.99 (excluding shipping and tax fees). 

Shipping is advised to take 1-2 business days, depending on the location it is being transported to. Users are also suggesting that edible shipping during hot weather is at their own risk, with 3 Amigos not taking responsibility for products that have melted during transport. 

3 Amigos Psilocybin Alternatives

Very 3 Amigos review should include some alternatives, so please read our Fun Guys shrooms dispensary review, or is Zoomies Canada legit?

There are many great dispensaries in Canada, but The Fun Guys is our top choice as they provide the best quality products and service. Coupon Codes

First-time customers to 3 Amigos can receive 20% off their first order using the promo code SHROOM20 when they check out. At the time of review, there was an additional sale, and customers can subscribe to the website to receive updates on stock and upcoming sales. 

3 Amigos also offers a points-based rewards system for customers who sign up to become a member, with every $1 spent earns 1 point contributing towards money off on their future orders. 

  • 20 points = $1 
  • 100 points = $5 
  • 1000 points = $50

In addition, customers who refer a friend (who makes a purchase) will receive a $20 store credit for their purchases. The referred friend will also receive $20 in store credit as a  welcome; however, it isn’t clear whether this is in conjunction or extra to the first-time customer discount code. 

Is 3 Amigos Psilcybin legit?

Numerous reviews are online backing the legitimacy of 3 Amigos, with many customers satisfied with delivery times and product quality.

That being said, 3 Amigos dispensary is the one we receive the most complaints about. That doesn’t mean they aren’t legit, it probably means they are busy.

For example, one user on Reddit complained that their order wasn’t processed within 24 hours, which is kind of unreasonable on the customer’s part, but they didn’t receive any order confirmation – so clearly 3 Amigos misses sometimes. 

3 Amigos has several reviews on its website; customers can leave product reviews to share their experiences. 

Overall, the website is informative, and the process from selecting to purchasing is straightforward. In addition, there is sufficient information for new and experienced magic mushroom users, including helpful details regarding dosage amounts.

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$20.00 shipping from Vancouver to Burnaby for something that weighs less then 1 lb. Ridiculous . Have not received product.

Pretty much sending any package these days cost over $20. Any size. Even if it was just down the block. Cost $20 but it’s express post and I got it 2 days later!! So far I’m happy with these guys

On my first ever order i received an email from them saying that their bank had an issue and to send an other etransfert even though the funds had already been deposited. Looks and smell like a scam

Ordered through e transfer on Tuesday and received on Thursday. These look great. Definitely NOT a scam as someone else commented.

Very expensive for what you get and 20$ shipping cost for the size and weight is ridiculous. I read up on all the kinds and “Penis envy” was supposed to not be for beginners and be 2-3× stronger than the average mushrooms but they turned out to be very weak. My bf and I ate about 2g each and felt a slight buzz. I finished the rest by myself a couple of days later and got a slight buzz and a bad headache which lasted all night. They gave me 3 hollow stems, zero caps. I do not recommend wasting your money ordering from three amigos.

I’ve ordered from them. I had two big trips. one moderate and one heavy dose. totally worth the experience and great customer service. good products overall.

really good at opening up the deep folds of your mind. just be prepared for it .

Scam!!. Please don’t buy from 3Amigos.
I ordered 1x 28gm and 2x14gm worth of shrooms. After a week when My order arrives I only have 1x 28gm and 1 x14 gm. After multiple emails and no reply. I know for sure these people have scammed me. please refrain from buying from them if you dont wanna get scammed too

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