Magic Mushrooms Winnipeg, Manitoba

When you think of magic mushrooms, Manitoba probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. 

But little do people know, this province, bordered by Ontario and Saskatchewan, is one of the most idyllic places to take shrooms. 

Whether you come to see the Northern Lights or take part in the many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or fishing, Manitoba has a little something for everyone. 

As well as being the polar bear capital of the world, Manitoba is home to all manners of wildlife. With more than 80 provincial parks, visitors to the province can enjoy some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. 

And to make the journey even more enjoyable, it’s easy to order shrooms straight to Manitoba or if you want a challenge, go looking for them yourself. 

Read on to find out more.  

Are Shrooms Legal in Manitoba?

Whilst buying spore kits online is legal, growing, selling, or consuming psilocybin shrooms are still illegal under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, which states that those caught with shrooms may face a short prison sentence and/or a fine[1]. 

In August of 2020, a landmark decision was made to let end-of-life patients take psilocybin during therapy sessions to alleviate anxiety[2]. In other cases, psilocybin can be used for research trials but special permission must be granted. 

There are hopes that the rules surrounding magic mushrooms will change in the future, especially as more research is being conducted into how psilocybin can treat (or alleviate) a number of conditions. 

Where to Buy Shrooms in Manitoba

In addition to buying spore kits, using online dispensaries are a great way to buy shrooms. 

Without even having to leave your home or place of stay, you can securely order from a variety of different types of shrooms and have them delivered straight to your door, in a discreet manner. 

Although picking shrooms fresh from the ground is always fun, you have to pay close attention to avoid picking up poisonous mushrooms instead. Using an online dispensary takes away all the worry and stress, so you can take shrooms confidently without worrying about getting ill.

In addition, online dispensaries offer a lot of information on shrooms, so you’ll know exactly how potent each species is, and the best way to take them depending on how experienced you are with shrooms. 

Magic Mushrooms in Winnipeg

If you happen to visit Winnipeg during your trip to Manitoba, make sure to check out the many festivals that take place here. From the party scene to arts and culture, Winnipeg is a great place to spend a couple of days exploring. 

Taking shrooms here only adds to the experience, so make the most out of all the parks, galleries, and festivals that run through summer and winter. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Manitoba

When it comes to finding shrooms naturally in Manitoba, there aren’t many documented findings. So far, the two which have been confirmed to grow in the area include[3]:

Psilocybe silvatica 

Psilocybe Silvatica isn’t the strongest shrooms out there in terms of potency, but are a popular choice amongst shroom users. They can usually be found growing between September and December when the weather is wet and cool. 

Look for these shrooms growing in clusters on wood debris or chips, as well as conifer substratum. 

Panaeolus subbalteatus 

You might have heard of Panaeolus subbalteatus by the names ‘banded mottlegill’ or ‘weed panaeolus’. These shrooms tend to grow in all seasons except winter and can be found on dung, grassy areas, compost piles, and fertilized lawns. 

Panaeolus Subbalteatus is one of the most widely found shrooms in the world. It’s extremely popular and is highly potent. 

So, although you might be lucky and come across either of these shrooms whilst out exploring in Manitoba, the chances are you’d have to search for some time before finding any. 

And if you do, it’s important to always check that you’re picking a legitimate magic mushroom, and not one which could cause you to become seriously ill. 

To avoid this, it’s best to stick to using online dispensaries which will provide you with all the shrooms you could ask for. From different species to edibles and microdosing, a dispensary is the best place to browse a range of shrooms. 

The additional fact of knowing that your shrooms have been grown in a clean environment and checked by professionals means you can enjoy both Manitoba and your shroom trip with peace of mind. 





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