Magic Mushrooms Regina, Saskatchewan

Known as the prairie province, Saskatchewan has it all. From grasslands to forests, rivers, and lakes, the abundance of natural beauty here is perfect for those looking to reconnect with nature. 

And if you’re looking to take your nature trip to the next level, you’ll be happy to know that whilst there aren’t many magic mushrooms native to the area, you can still easily get your hands on some. 

In this article, we’ll look at the best way to get shrooms in Saskatchewan, which shrooms grow in the province, and what you can do in the major cities of Saskatoon and Regina. 

Are Shrooms Legal in Saskatchewan?

At the moment, magic mushrooms still fall under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.[1] This means that it is illegal to grow, sell, or consume psilocybin, which is the main active ingredient in shrooms which gives them their psychedelic properties. 

There are exceptions to this rule though. People who want to conduct research based on psilocybin can apply for a license, it isn’t illegal to grow shrooms from a spore kit, and in a recent turn of events, psilocybin was approved for use by end-of-life patients.[2] 

In fact, the first person in Canada to use psilocybin therapy legally was Saskatchewan man, Thomas Hartle. 

So, could this be a changing point for magic mushrooms in Canada? 

With many campaigning for the fungi to be made legal, at the very least in medical settings, it looks like shrooms could very well follow in the footsteps of cannabis. 

Where to Buy Shrooms in Saskatchewan

Whether you’re new to the province or a local looking to get some shrooms, the safest and easiest way is to use an online dispensary. 

Not only will you be able to order from the comfort of your home, but most reputable companies will also offer fast discreet shipping. 

In addition to being convenient, you’ll also have plenty of different shroom species to choose from, and the added perks of yummy edibles, teas, and microdosing options. 

If you prefer to grow your own shrooms, there are plenty of spore kits that can allow you to cultivate shrooms at home, although this takes time and a lot of careful handling to ensure the shrooms don’t become contaminated. 

Magic Mushrooms in  Saskatoon

If you plan to visit Saskatoon, you’re in for a treat. The largest city in Saskatchewan, it is filled with river trails, hiking paths, and plenty of outdoor activities. 

The fact that it’s one of the sunniest cities in Canada only makes Saskatoon more appealing, and the relaxed vibe in the city means taking shrooms here can be the perfect chance to reconnect with nature. 

If nature isn’t your style, fear not. Saskatoon hosts over 65 events every year, and with tons of bars, restaurants, and funky places to socialize, you won’t be at a loss for entertainment in the city. 

Magic Mushrooms in Regina

From the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame to the Science Centre, Regina is the perfect place to spend a few days checking out the history and culture of Saskatchewan. 

No trip to Regina would be complete without a walking tour of the city, and if you plan on taking shrooms here, make sure to head to one of the cities many parks or beaches. Alternatively, check out the art scene or head over to the theatre and catch a show. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Saskatchewan

Compared to other provinces in Canada, Saskatchewan is still relatively unexplored when it comes to magic mushrooms. 

So far, only the Amanita Muscaria has been found here[3]. This mushroom is relatively easy to find thanks to its red and white colors. Although it looks like it’s from a fairytale, it’s important to handle Amanita Muscaria with care. 

Interestingly, the Amanita Muscaria doesn’t actually contain psilocybin. It’s psychedelic properties come from muscimol and ibotenic acid. The trip from these compounds differ to psilocybin trips – they take longer to affect the body, but once they kick in some trips can last up to 10 hours long. 

If you do plan on searching for Amanita Muscaria whilst in Saskatchewan, be cautious as there are poisoinous mushrooms which look very similar to magic shrooms. For this reason, using an online dispensary might be your best option as your products will have been cultivated safely and with very little risk of contamination. 





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