Magic Mushrooms Newfoundland

Newfoundlander’s pride themselves on being hospitable, easy-going, and full of tales to tell. There’s much to explore in Canada’s most eastern province, from historic cities like St.John’s to the rugged coastline where you can go whale watching. 

There’s also a small number of magic mushroom species that can be found across Newfoundland for those who are interested in picking shrooms whilst in the province. 

In this article, we’ll look at whether shrooms are legal in Newfoundland, where to buy them, and which species grow here. 

Are Shrooms Legal in Newfoundland

Although there have been advances in research conducted into the medical benefits of psilocybin, there’s not enough to make them legal in Canada as of yet. 

At the moment, they are considered to be a schedule III drug under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This means that having them in your possession or consuming them is prohibited, and you could face a fine and/or a prison sentence.[1]

Interestingly though, spore kits are legal to buy so you can grow shrooms at home. And, in August of 2020, four terminally ill patients were permitted to use psilocybin to ease their anxiety.

With more research being done into psilocybin and anxiety and depression, there are hopes that the law will continue to change.[2]

Where to Buy Shrooms in Newfoundland

If you want to buy shrooms in Newfoundland, you don’t have to worry about finding a dealer. Thanks to online dispensaries, you can order from a variety of different shrooms and have them delivered straight to your home or place of accommodation. 

Whilst it’s fun to go and hunt for your own shrooms in the wild, there are risks of picking up poisonous mushrooms by mistake. When you order online from a reputable dispensary, you can be sure that your shrooms have grown in a clean, safe environment with very little risk of contamination. 

You can also take advantage of the fact that there are plenty of different options available when buying through an online dispensary, such as yummy edibles, teas, and microdosing options, which are great for first-timers and for more seasoned users who are looking to experiment.  

Finally, using an online dispensary is a much more discreet way of getting shrooms. From the packaging to payment, you can order shrooms privately and securely. 

Magic Mushrooms in St John’s

A visit to St.John’s is a must, even more so if you’re planning on taking shrooms here. There’s no better way to enjoy your shroom trip than by admiring the colorful houses as they reflect on the water, or by taking in the breathtaking panoramic views from the castle at Signal Hill. 

With a striking landscape, a center brimming with shops and restaurants, and many annual events, St.John’s isn’t a place to miss out on during a trip to Newfoundland.  

From kayaking to whale watching, there are numerous tours that can give you a peek into life in Newfoundland and take you on a journey through history. 

And you never know, on your travels around the city you may even come across some shrooms in St.Johns. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Newfoundland

Although there aren’t many species of magic fungi that can be found in Newfoundland, two of the three types are highly popular amongst shroom users – liberty caps and banded mottlegill (also known as weed Panaeolus)

Here are the three known shrooms to grow in Newfoundland[3]: 

  • Gymnopilus sp.

Gymnopilus sp can be found growing in moist wooded areas, often near rivers or bodies of water. Keep an eye out for hardwood logs and conifers as this is where they tend to grow. 

  • Panaeolus cinctulus

‘Banded mottlegill’ or ‘weed Panaelous’ – these shrooms are well- known and grow in many different countries around the world. They’re best searched for during spring and fall, and can be found on well-fertilized gardens and lawns. 

  • Psilocybe semilanceata

Also known as ‘liberty cap’, these shrooms are extremely potent, hence why they’re so popular. They grow in grasslands, pastures, and meadows during spring. They’re usually found on decaying grassroots. 

We hope this article gave you some useful tips on getting shrooms in Newfoundland, as well as where to enjoy them. Remember, if you do plan on hunting for your own shrooms, always use a guidebook and if in doubt, don’t consume any shrooms you aren’t sure about. 

Taking shrooms in Newfoundland is a great way to enjoy the province and all its natural beauty, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the rich culture and colorful cities. 




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