BuyShroomsOnline Review

Buying shrooms online in Canada has never been easier, but with the number of dispensaries on the rise, you might be wondering which companies to trust and which to avoid. 

Today we’ll be reviewing BuyShroomsOnline, which specializes in selling magic mushrooms in various forms as well as cannabis and CBD products. 

Overall, the site is very easy to use. It’s broken clearly into sections for each type of product and there is plenty of useful general information on magic mushrooms and their uses. 

There isn’t much information about the company themselves, but they do provide their ethos which includes their values and the culture which they are trying to create within the shroom communities. 

BuyShroomsOnline Review

From first impressions to a deeper look through the website, it’s clear that BuyShroomsOnline has put a lot of thought into making sure their customers have all the information they need before buying shrooms. 

There’s plenty of medical research references on the website to promote the benefits of shrooms, alongside individual descriptions and reviews for each product. Their reviews are great, especially for first-time shroom users, as they explain the side effects, benefits, medical use, and general description for each type of shroom. 

The addition of having a point-based reward system acts as an incentive to purchase from the website, and also to share with friends.

Products from BuyShroomsOnline 

BuyShroomsOnline has a great selection to choose from, from edibles to dried shrooms and mix and match options, so you can be creative and flexible in your choices. 

Whole dried mushrooms 

There are 20 different types of whole dried magic mushrooms available at BuyShroomsOnline, with popular types including: 

  • Penis Envy
  • Golden Teacher 
  • Blue Meanies 
  • P Mexicana 

The whole dried shrooms are available from 3.5 grams to 28 grams, and there are options to buy in bulk for those who want larger quantities. 


The edibles on BuyShroomsOnline are a mix of chocolates and gummies, with a good range to choose from. There are 15  different options, and although the prices are quite expensive, the products look appealing and there’s plenty of flavors to suit your personal preference.  There’s also one shroom tea available on the website.


With 19 different types of microdosing capsules to choose from, there’s plenty of choice and brands available. 

The brands include:

  • Spectra 
  • NÖÖT
  • NKTR
  • Mycro 
  • Spore Wellness 

There’s also a lot of information on the benefits and usage of microdosing options, as well as how much is recommended for first-time users. 

Overall Rating of BuyShroomsOnline

  • Ease of Ordering 

Ordering is straightforward and simple. You can add products straight to your basket from the search page. You don’t need to create an account before checking out, but if you want to collect reward points then you will need to become a member. 

  • Quality of Products

From customer reviews, the products are of high quality and have been produced ethically in line with the company’s values. 

  • Speed of Service

Shipping takes 2-3 business days within Canada, but remote locations may take slightly longer (3-5 business days). Shipping is free for orders over $149, otherwise, it’s a flat fee of $20. 

  • Prices

The prices are reasonable, and they have a good range to choose from. For example, 28 grams of Golden Teacher will set you back $195, which is less than what some of the competition is selling for. All payments must be made using Interac E-transfer and the minimum order is $40. 

BuyShroomsOnline Coupon Codes

Although there aren’t coupon codes, BuyShroomsOnline offers subscribers 10% off when you sign up to the site, and there are loyalty programs available so you can collect points with each purchase you make and then redeem them for money off your next order. 

Points are also given for new members and existing members who write a review, refer a friend, or leave a blog comment. 

Is BuyShroomsOnline Legit?

BuyShroomsOnline is a legit company, and although they don’t have many reviews online, the few that are published confirm that they sell good quality shroom products. 

One review on Reddit claimed that their order arrived in less than a week and the quality was ‘fantastic’. 

Just by the amount of information there to educate customers on benefits, dosage amounts, and more when it comes to taking magic mushrooms responsibly, it’s obvious that BuyShroomsOnline wants their customers to have a safe and enjoyable experience with their products. 

There’s also plenty of individual reviews on each product that can confirm the quality and give real-life feedback on the effects of the product, whether it’s edibles, whole dried shrooms, or microdosing capsules. 

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