Magic Mushrooms Toronto, Ontario

Magic mushrooms are used for a variety of reasons, and with over 200 species found worldwide, there’s plenty of variation to choose from. 

With growing knowledge of how shrooms affect us and what medicinal properties they might hold, many trials are now underway to see if there’s more to these hallucinogenic mushrooms. 

In this article, we’ll be looking into whether shrooms are legal in Ontario, where to get magic mushrooms in Toronto, and what different species are local to the region. 

Are Shrooms Legal in Ontario?

Although research is being done to find out more about how magic mushrooms can be beneficial in treating several health issues, such as depression or anxiety, the law still states that it is an illegal substance in Canada. 

Magic mushrooms currently fall under the ‘Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA)’. [1]Those who are caught growing, selling, or consuming psilocybin mushrooms face up to 6 months in jail or a whopping $1000 fine. 

That doesn’t mean that they’re completely banned though. In some cases, exceptions can be made for those who wish to use magic mushrooms for research purposes. The process isn’t easy, but with the right paperwork, a permit or license can be obtained. 

And most recently, the laws changed around using magic mushrooms for end of life treatment, suggesting that the rules around this magic fungi might soon follow in the steps of other substances such as cannabis.[2]

In general, however, most users report that being found with small quantities of shrooms tends to be overlooked, as police focus their efforts on hardline drugs. There have been cases though of police raids on farms that exist solely to grow and sell psilocybin shrooms. 

Where to Buy Shrooms in Ontario

When it comes to buying shrooms, there’s no lack of dispensaries online that sell high-quality shrooms in multiple forms. 

For those who struggle to find natural psilocybin shrooms in the wild, or who want to avoid seeking out a dealer, it’s best to stick to reputable online companies which often have plenty of reviews online validating that their products are trustworthy and safe to use. 

With the huge consumer demand for shrooms in North America and Canada, these online dispensaries sell everything from micro-dosing options to whole dried shrooms and edibles. 

Also, most companies offer fast, discreet shipping which means consumers can order with peace of mind and from the comfort of their own homes. 

Not only are online dispensaries a convenient way to shop for shrooms, but they also offer much more variation than if you use traditional methods. 

It’s also a great option for people who are new to taking psilocybin shrooms as reputable companies tend to provide a lot of information on how to take shrooms, the different types, and potency variations. 

Magic Mushrooms in Toronto

If you’re trying to get magic mushrooms in Toronto, you can take the natural route of searching in open fields or cow pastures. Grassy areas that receive a lot of sunshine are good places to start, and the best time of the year is between summer and the end of October. 

If you do take the route of finding natural shrooms in the wild, always air on the side of caution and only consume them if you’re 100% sure of what type of mushroom they are. Using a mushroom guidebook can help with this. 

If you’re not able to find shrooms in Toronto, using an online dispensary is a great option as most of the Canadian based websites will deliver to all provinces. 

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in Ontario 

Ontario is a great place for magic mushrooms. There are nine known species local to Ontario, including some of the most famous types of shrooms such as Psilocybe Silvatica in Ontario, otherwise known as liberty caps. 

Here are the types of magic mushrooms found in Ontario [2]:

  • Gymnopilus luteus 
  • Gymnopilus viridans
  • Massospora levispora 
  • Panaeolus cinctulus
  • Panaeolus sp.
  • Pluteus americanus 
  • Pholiotina smithii 
  • Psilocybe caerulipes
  • Psilocybe silvatica

The list of shrooms found in Ontario is varied, and each type of mushroom differs in potency. Although a lot of the fun which comes with taking shrooms lies in the hunt, it’s important to be aware of poisonous mushrooms that look similar to their hallucinogen counterparts. 

If you prefer to be on the safe side and order through a dispensary, make sure to always read the reviews first and order smaller amounts to begin with so you can check the quality first. 

Shrooms can be enjoyed in many different ways and using an online dispensary is perfect for purchasing plenty of yummy edibles and teas. 




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