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Sex on Shrooms – How Is It?

According to Terence Mckenna, an American Ethnobotanist, magic mushrooms have been used as aphrodisiacs dating back to the stone age era. He believed it encouraged potency in men and led to group orgies. While his theories still lack evidence in some areas, it isn’t hard to see why having sex and taking a psychadelic drug like psilocybin could lead to some pretty amazing outcomes. [1]

Shrooms and Sex 

If you have ever taken magic mushrooms, you’ll be no stranger to the enhanced mood, vivid colors and heightened awareness that comes with a shroom trip. A good trip can feel like you’ve risen above your ordinary senses and have entered a new realm in which the world feels magical. 

For some lucky people out there, great sex can also induce some of these magical feelings. So, it’s more than natural for people to put two and two together, and come to the conclusion that having sex on shrooms must be mind blowing. The good news is that it can be! The bad news is – it’s not guaranteed to be great every time. Environment, the dosage and your partner, all play a massive part in how sex on shrooms might turn out. 

The main chemical in shrooms is psilocybin, which breaks down into psilocin when we digest it. This chemical is what affects part of our brains, in particular the serotonin receptors that can cause us to feel euphoria. This combined with the allure of a tempting partner can result in a beautiful, sensual and erotic love making session.  Many users report their skin feeling more sensitive when they’re tripping, and this can feel even more intense when being intimate with someone. 

What is it Like to Have Sex on Shrooms? 

This is really down to the individuals partaking. No two experiences will ever be the same, so it comes down to finding what feels right for you and your partner. There are some things to be aware of in preparation. 

Dosage amount 

Even if you are regular user of shrooms, and are used to taking larger than average doses, you may find that less is more when having sex on Shrooms. The aim should be to heighten your senses, not overload them and fall into the biggest trip of your life. Taking less than a gram (and building up slowly if needed) is the best way to start your experience. Some users find their body movement slows down the more they trip, and the thought of having sex when you can’t even coordinate your arms and legs might seem very off-putting. 


As with regular shroom taking, having sex on shrooms requires a comfortable environment. That doesn’t necessarily have to be your bed at home. One user recalls falling in love while having sex on shrooms. The atmosphere, the rain, the shrooms, all of it amounted to a passionate love making with his partner. “It was like the entire universe became her lips, and the closeness of her body, even through our rain jackets, was incredibly stimulating.” [2]

Your partner 

Your partner will be a huge deciding factor in whether your sex experience goes well or not. If they begin to have a bad trip, or past traumers get pulled up due to the shrooms, it could turn something exciting and fun into a nightmare.[3] Try setting the intention with your partner and agree on how you want things to go. Come up with a safe word to use if one of you starts to feel uncomfortable, and always, always, ensure that both members are completely consenting to having sex on shrooms. Having this experience with someone you know and trust will increase the chances of it going smoothly.[4]

While this might be easier said than done (what if you’ve met your hookup at a festival and you’re both already high?) it’s worth still having some form of conversation before getting physical. 

Side effects 

The standard side effects that come with ingesting magic mushrooms will still be there, however hopefully due to a lowered dosage amount you won’t have any crazy hallucinations, but it still isn’t risk free. Paranoia, anxiety and past bad experiences can all arise mid action, so that’s why it’s important to take it slow and start off light with your dosage amount. 

On the other hand, the sensual, mind opening and ego deteriorating effects than can come from shrooms could make your sexual experience a masterpiece. More importantly, it can become a memory which you and your partner, if done right, will remember for many years. 

Should I Have Sex on Mushrooms?

If you want to have sex on magic mushrooms, there is no known harmful evidence to indicate that you shouldn’t. That being said, there are factors mentioned earlier on that should be taken into consideration. 

To be on the same wavelength as your partner, feeling comfortable and being happy to partake in the experience are vital to ensuring that you have a shot at achieving a profound sexual experience. Magic mushrooms have the potential to make you feel stronger connections with your partner, understand them better and bond physically in a way you might not experience sober. 

With that in mind, there are many factors that will be out of your control, so being aware of that and being as prepared as you can be is a good idea. A trip can turn bad in just a second, so there will always be this factor to take into account, especially as you and your partner will be at your most vulnerable states. 

So, whether you are hooking up with a total stranger or with your long term partner of 10 years, taking shrooms before having sex can be a thrilling experience. The unknown outcomes, the intensity of the act, the connection to another person are just some of the benefits that can be obtained, as long as you are both consenting adults who are aware of the act you are about to enter into. 

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