Organic Shroom Canada Review

Organic Shroom Canada specializes in selling a selection of 100% organic magic mushrooms, mainly in the form of whole, capsules or edibles, and began growing shrooms in 2007. They are one of many companies that ship within Canada and have built a reputation for their products and services. 

Finding a good shrooms dispensary in Canada is the key to having a smooth magic mushroom experience, from start to finish. Organic Shroom Canada is mentioned numerous times on review websites such as Reddit, and they also have an extensive list of customer feedback reviews available to read on their website.

Organic Shroom Canada Review

The website is simple to navigate; however, compared to other shroom websites, there is very little information on magic mushrooms in general. Instead, a summary is given about the effects of Psilocybin, and some links to external websites are listed for users who seek more information. 

Although the website isn’t cluttered, making it straightforward and quick to navigate through, it would be encouraging for first-time users to see more information readily accessible rather than having to navigate away from the page to external blogs and articles. 


Magic mushrooms can be bought whole-dried, in capsules, and in chocolate. They are given information about each product, quantity guidelines for consumption, and customer reviews. Compared to other online dispensaries, their edibles section had a good range of products. 

On external sites, there are reviews by customers who have commented on the potency of the products, claiming the Penis Envy shrooms they purchased were 25%-50% stronger than usual. 

Their whole dried selection includes some popular choices, such as:

  • Penis Envy
  • Blue Meanie 
  • Golden Teacher 
  • B+ 
  • Koh Samui
  • Penis Envy x Transkei Cubensis=
  • Albino Penis Envy 
  • Organic Shroom Canada
  • Albino A+

Organic Shroom Canada mentions that their stock often sells out within minutes or hours of being put online, so users are recommended to sign up to receive stock and sale alerts. 


Compared with other shroom companies shipping within Canada, Organic Shroom Canada falls into the average category for pricing. However, they aren’t the cheapest nor the most expensive; for example, 14 grams of whole dried Golden Teacher is priced at $90 and 28 grams at $165.

There are no wholesale options available, with Organic Shroom Canada advising in their FAQs that they only have the quantities listed on the website. 

Organic Shroom Canada accepts Interact Email Money Transfers and Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


Organic Shroom Canada uses Canada Post Xpress and advises that you should receive shipments within seven working days of the payment being processed. For orders over $150, shipping is free. Orders under will incur a flat fee of $18. 

Users are reassured that their packages will be discreetly shipped under the FAQ section. Unfortunately, orders outside Canada are not available. 

Organic Shroom Canada Coupon

We will get a coupon code for Organic Shroom Canada; check back shortly.

There isn’t a discount coupon on the Organic Shroom Canada website; however, purchases over $350 receive an automatic 10% discount applied during the checkout process. In addition, customers who use CryptoCurrency to make payments will also receive a 10% discount. 

Is OrganicShroomCanada legit?

Organic Shroom Canada is legit, with plenty of online reviews to support its claims to provide life-changing, 100% organic magic mushrooms. Interestingly, they also have a link to their Youtube channel, where customers can view videos of their shroom growing process, from colonizing, harvesting, and producing the products. 

Although there is a general lack of information on magic mushrooms, it is worth noting that some information is given about each product. In addition, organic Shroom Canada has divided the quantity amounts into different categories to help customers choose the proper dosage for their desired experience. 

The company is backed by many customer reviews on their website and third-party review sites, with users praising the company for giving customers a great all-around experience. Users also mentioned that they had excellent customer service and prompt delivery times. 

Other reviews have shown that their capsules are recommended, as well as the chocolates. An independent review of Organic Shroom Canada found that the product ordered (Golden Teacher) came with no issues and had an average potency.

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