Mungus Shrooms Review

Based in Vancouver, Mungus Shrooms have not only created an online dispensary to buy shrooms, but they’ve designed their website to be a complete magic mushroom experience. 

From shroom recipes to a library with recommended books about psychedelics, Mungus Shrooms have got it covered. 

And that’s not including their fantastic range of whole dried shrooms, edibles, and microdosing capsules. 

Mungus Shrooms Review

Mungus Shrooms have created an easy-to-navigate website, and their extensive knowledge of shrooms is evident. For example, in their blog, you can find information on using shrooms safely. In contrast, recommended dosage amounts and general product info can be found when you click on each product individually. 

They also have plenty of resources and recommended reading for customers, which makes a nice change, and though they have a lot of information, they’ve kept the site clean and easy to read.

Also, they have a Reddit blog linked to their website so that customers can leave feedback, share trip experiences, and keep up to date on what Mungus Shrooms are doing in the shroom community. 

Products from Mungus Shrooms

Here’s an overview of the different products featured on the Mungus Shrooms website. 

Whole dried mushrooms 

Mungus Shrooms have 12 types of dried shrooms to choose from and megapack and party pack deals. Popular strains include:

  • Golden Teacher 
  • Penis Envy 
  • Koh Samui 
  • Blue Meanie 
  • Albino A+
  •  Mazatapec 

Most products have customer reviews, so you can read about the quality and intensity of the shrooms before buying. 


Mungus Shrooms have several edibles to choose from, including:

  • Chocolate – brands 920 and Dreamland Psychedelics 
  • Jelly 
  • Psilocybin caramels 

At the time of review, some of the edibles had discounts. However, the prices of the edibles were standard. 


Eight types of teas are available on Mungus Shrooms, made up of a mix of Room 920 and Ethos. Most were on sale at the time of review, but some were also out of stock. 

Micro-Dose capsules 

With 11 different options, there’s a good variety of microdosing capsules. Brands include:

  • Alpha Shrooms
  • Azu 
  • Pure 
  • Micro-Dose

Information on microdosing guidelines can be found under each product, such as the recommended usage amount. 

Overall Rating of Mungus Shrooms 

  • Ease of Ordering 

Ordering is straightforward; once you’ve selected your products, you can check out within minutes of entering your details. All orders must be paid for using Interac-E transfer. 

  • Quality of Products
    The products are high quality, and from the reviews, it’s clear that customers enjoy the range. Mungus Shrooms also have a few branded products, such as microdosing capsules. 
  • Speed of Service

Orders put in before noon will be shipped the next day, but it isn’t clear who Mungus Shrooms ship with. The only information they have on shipping is advice on requesting a signature on arrival. There’s a flat shipping fee of $25 for orders under $200.

  • Prices

The prices on Mungus Shrooms are competitive but not the cheapest. For example,  28 grams of Golden Teacher costs $240, which is in line with most competitors. However, the prices of the edibles are reasonable, and the microdosing capsules vary in cost. 

Mungus Shrooms Coupon Codes

Mungus Shrooms make it clear and easy to see their coupon as it’s on the homepage when you first enter.

They also have attractive incentives, such as 200 reward points for new members (worth $10) and free shipping on bulk orders over $200. Additionally, they offer points to members who leave reviews.  

Are Mungus Shrooms Legit?

Mungus Shrooms are legit, and their products are of good quality. Although there aren’t many independent reviews online, customer feedback on the website is good, and it seems that Mungus Shrooms are genuinely interested and involved in the shroom community. 

Interestingly, they are also campaigning to help raise awareness around mental health issues, which you can read about here. 

The website is informative, and reading some of the resources they’ve shared was fascinating. The products are varied and reasonably priced, and Mungus Shrooms make it clear and easy to find their contact information if you need to get in touch with them.

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