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How To Make Magic Mushroom Chocolates

What are shroom chocolate to begin with? Basically, they are a mixture of chocolate and dried magic mushrooms that have been cooked together.

Magic mushrooms have a lot in common with shroom truffles. Ad what are shroom truffles, you might ask? Shroom truffles are underground clumps that are made up of mycelial strands. Both shroom truffles and magic mushrooms make shroom edibles.

Although it is still okay to enjoy magic mushrooms straight up from the garden, these mushrooms can add some magic to your cooking – more so if you or your household has a sweet tooth. One of the best edibles that mix and go well with magic mushrooms is chocolate.

Chocolate adds the flavor you need while the mushrooms provide the psilocybin that excites your mind. In this post, we have outlined one of the best preparation methods you can ever use to prepare home-made magic mushroom chocolate bites. But first, let us have a loot what you will need:

What You Need for Magic Mushroom Chocolates

Typically, you’d need a few dried mushrooms and a bar or two of store-bought chocolate to make a perfect magic mushroom chocolate. However, some of us like to add other things that we can’t do without. For instance, you might think of adding a few drops of CBD oil to keep you going, or anything else. We have put that into consideration. Also, note that if you opt to use store-bought chocolate then you’ll need to use very little sugar and salt in your preparation because chocolate bars have plenty of then already. Basically, this is what you need:

• 5 dried magic mushrooms (preferably Psilocybe cubensis)
• A bar of store chocolate (you can opt for homemade chocolate if you want but store-bought chocolate is better)
• 2 glass bowl
• Chocolate molds (use non-stick baking trays if you cant find molds)
• Mortar and pestle // Blender (either kitchenware is perfect for crushing your dried mushrooms)
• A large saucepan
• 3 dry bowls
• Microwave
• A sharp knife

Dosage for Shroom Chocolates

The dosage depends on the amount of chocolate and mushrooms that were used to prepare the Shroom Chocolates. Also, whether the mushrooms were dried or fresh can have a profound effect on the eventual dosage the consumer should take. For these and other factors that affect the dosage, it is quite difficult to give a definite dosage that applies to everyone.

The best way of knowing how much truffles you need to consume is by using a calculator that puts into consideration the aforementioned factors and other variables. This straightforward calculator can help you determine the approximate dosage that could be appropriate for you.

Simply work out the weight in kilograms as per your requirements. Converters for an array of different measurements can be easily found via App Store and Google Play. Pick either fresh or dried, shrooms or truffles, etc. In most cases, low dosages are appropriate for a milder or short trip while high dosage while high dosages are appropriate for a long and more intense experience.

How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Step 1: Grinding the mushrooms

Ensure that your magic mushrooms are clean and well dried. Put them in a glass bowl and cut them in small pieces with a sharp knife. Transfer the small pieces of dried magic mushrooms in the mortar and crush them with a pestle. Alternatively, you can crush them into a fine powder using a blender. Once you have crushed your magic mushrooms, transfer the resultant product in a clean bowl and let them rest.

Step 2: Melting the chocolate

Before even embarking on melting your chocolate, ensure that all the utensils you intend to use in this step are bone dry It takes just one drop of water or any liquid to turn your chocolate from melty and warm blocks to a gritty and gross looking stuff. Moisture also turns the sugar in chocolate into syrup, causing your chocolate to appear clumpy.

The microwave way is the fastest and easiest way to melt your chocolate. Take your bar of chocolate and cut it into small pieces in a bowl. Put the bowl in a microwave and let it heat for at 70 percent the power of the microwave.

Remove from the microwave and stir the molten product to mix it evenly. Return the product in the microwave and heat it for a further 30 seconds. Remove it from the microwave and add the sugar and salt as you swirl the product. Proceed to the next step immediately before your chocolate cools.

Pro tip: Microwaves can be erratic sometimes, so keep an eye on the melting process lest you end up overcooking your chocolate.

Step 3: Mixing the magic mushrooms and molten chocolate

Take a third bowl and pour your hot chocolate product. Also, add your ground mushrooms immediately and mix them thoroughly. At this stage, you can add any other auxiliary ingredient you wish to add in your preparation. It can be CBD oil, a spice you fancy, or anything that makes you happy. We don’t wish to add anything else in our preparation, so we proceed to

Step 4: Pouring into molds

Now prepare your molds and ensure they are dry and clean. Use a small cup to scoop the gooey semi-liquid mixture prepared in Step 3 and pour it in molds. Continue stirring the mixture while it is the molds to create a uniform spread.

Step 5: Cooling

Take your molds and place them in the cabinet or anywhere there is minimal movement. Let them cool for about 30 minutes. Do not freeze them as rapid cooling can cause your preparation to harden up too fast.

Step 6: Labelling

This is the last stage of preparing your magic mushroom chocolate. It is simple: you need to label them as you wish. Do you have anyone in your household who is allergic to psilocybin or any of the used ingredients? Consider labeling as appropriate.

Ideal dosage for this preparation

As aforementioned, the dosage can depend on an array of factors including the type of magic mushroom used. Because we used Psilocybe cubensis – which is a common and strong mushroom – in this preparation, the dosage is specific to that type of mushrooms. . A typical dose of well-dried Psilocybe cubensis is about 3.5 g (or 1/8th of an ounce).


If you are looking for a delicious way of consuming magic mushrooms, you might want to go the chocolate way. With ground mushrooms, and a bar of chocolate is all you need to get started. Once you have prepared your magic mushroom chocolate, you might want to use a calculator to determine the dosage. That’s because an array of factors affects how you should consume the product, including whether you used dry or partially wet mushrooms.

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