Mastermind Shrooms Review

Mastermind Shrooms’ website is easy to navigate; however, the layout of the products available is a bit confusing, as the dropdown options differ from the ‘shop’ webpage. So, if users want a specific strain, they should check both the drop-down and the actual ‘shop’ page, so they don’t miss a product. Nevertheless, they have an excellent range of products available, and each has a clear description so users can understand each strain’s effects if they are new to using shrooms. 

Mastermind Shrooms Review 

The website has a lot of information about using magic mushrooms in general. They even have an option for healthcare providers who might want to know the wholesale prices available. 

The contact information available is via email or a form on their website; however, they are active on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, their website states that users can reach out to them via Facebook Messenger and the website. Learn more about shrooms on our website in Canada.


The strains which Mastermind mushrooms use are;

  • Alacabenzi Cubensis Shrooms
  • Albino A+  Cubensis 
  • Mazatapec 
  • Rhustywhyte Cubensis Shrooms 
  • Cuban Cubensis 
  • Big Mex
  • Penis Envy 
  • Transkei

Mastermind Shrooms have a good selection of edibles; chocolate bars, shroom gummies, capsules and edibles available to be purchased, such as:


Shrooms gummies are great options for a delicious treat to trip on or microdose with small bits. Mastermind offers opportunities for both of these.


A selection of shroom-infused gummies with different flavours are listed, and some chocolate options are available. 


Capsules are available in three different variations, with multiple strain options that customers can choose from, in microdose or full potency.


Some external reviews have stated that Mastermind Shrooms are pretty expensive, for example, because of production costs, but we argue they make some of the best shroom edibles. Unfortunately, there are also no discount options or coupons, and only some products offer a slight discount when ordering higher quantities.

There are varying prices for Mastermind shroom products across different retailers, but they are generally the same.


Shipping is free on orders over $200; any order under will incur a flat shipping fee of $20. Orders should be delivered within four days using CanadaPost. A liability coverage option is available for $2 extra, whereby a signature will be required. Mastermind Shrooms ship from Vancouver and have a package tracking option on their website.

Is Mastermind Shrooms Legit?

Mastermind Shrooms have three reviews on their Facebook page, one stating that the order arrived quickly but required a signature. The user also mentioned that the potency wasn’t very strong, backed by another reviewer. Finally, a Reddit review said that they found the products too expensive. So, the online reaction to Mastermind Shrooms is questionable, with such mixed reviews. 

Another review states that they are a legit company; however, the pricing was too expensive. 

However, reviews on the actual website are very positive and many states their orders came with no issues. Ordering is a simple, straightforward process; however, in terms of pricing without any discount coupons, the products are pretty costly. 

Overall, they seem to have a legit business, but we can’t guarantee the quality and potency from current online reviews.

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