The Best Things to Do on Shrooms

You probably know what activities are best to engage in when drunk or high on marijuana, but do you know the best things to do on shrooms. Being on this page means you do not know what to do after consuming your magic mushrooms, or you may be just expanding your research. There are dozens of positive and productive things you can engage in when shroom-tripping, and this article aims to expound on some of the best options available. If you find yourself stuck in a bad trip every time, this is probably your best escape.

What Are the Best Things to Do on Shrooms?

One’s intentions and mindset have a lot to do with the activities they can engage in when tripping on shrooms. According psychology experts, only you can decide what to do with your time. Specialists recommend that you sit or lie down on a mattress and not partake in any activity that may expose you to harm. The general idea of consuming these psychedelics is based on seeing what happens and enjoying the experience instead of doing many things.

However, if you find that resting leaves you in a bland state, there are numerous activities for you. Hiking is an excellent example of an activity that opens up endless possibilities and experiences, and most individuals love to enjoy the great outdoors. Other activities open for engagement while on shrooms include dancing, storm watching, swimming, and creating and enjoying art. It would help to ensure you limit yourself to smaller doses if you plan to engage in more involving activities.

Write Something

Grabbing a notebook and a pen can be an excellent idea when tripping on mushrooms if you are into writing. It may not sound like a great idea to many, but the shroom effect will significantly impact your output for those with a knack for writing. Apart from heightening your creativity, psychedelics also lower your inhibitions, making you focus more on unresolved issues. You can write some of these things down and, in the process, find solutions and closure leaving you at peace with whatever it was.

The creativity aspect associated with consuming shrooms also puts you better positioned to get brilliant and innovative ideas for your journal. Ensure that you make the most of the time the psychedelic drugs are in effect since you probably will not remember these ideas once the psychedelic journey is over.

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

You are bound to enjoy your shroom tripping introspective experience if you are in the company of individuals you feel comfortable around. Your family and friends are among the people you love and trust, and their presence will prove effective in improving your experience. According to recent research by health professionals, set and setting are two of the most significant elements of the ideal psychedelic trip. Set involves your mindset before consumption, while the setting is the environment.

You can invite a friend over to make you feel more comfortable and safer. Another advantage to having the right company is that they are effective in helping you curb nerves and reduce anxiety, especially when the tripping begins. A psychedelic experience highlights stimulating conversations; the interaction is bound to be more interesting if all parties involved are under the influence.

Meditating on Shrooms

Shrooms are also common as a practical approach to self-exploration through intense meditation. Consumption of the fungus allows you to productively look inward without any inhibitions, making it possible to dissolve any sense of ego and self. Improved social functioning is an advantage gained by including psychedelics in your meditation routines.

In a recent study, a handful of mushroom users were administered either a dose of psilocybin or a placebo to investigate meditation effectiveness. The results showed those meditating on shrooms feeling far less self-conscious than their counterparts after four months. They also functioned better in society, proving the positive of shroom facilitated meditation. If you are one to meditate often, include this psychedelic in your routine for outstanding results.

What Places Can You Go with Shrooms?

Magic mushrooms are legal in most jurisdictions; however, they are considered illegal in some. Significant states prohibit the sale of these fungi but allow growing and possession for personal consumption. They are classified as schedule 1 drugs with no medicinal value but a high risk of addiction in the USA. In Canada, you can purchase spores and growth kits, but selling the fungi for profit is illegal. It would be wise to confirm with the respective authorities for instructions if not sure.

How Long Does It Take for Them to Wear Off?

It takes around four to six hours for a shroom trip to wear off from the human brain. The experience may last longer depending on the potency of the substance and your physique. Multiple variables dictate how long the effect lasts, from body composition to your age. It takes approximately thirty minutes after consumption for you to start feeling their impact. Other factors influencing severity and duration include how much you take, the mushroom species ingested, your tolerance, and your frame of mind during ingestion. Most people go back to feeling normal within twenty-four hours, and the common side effects subsided.

What Should You Know Before Trying Shrooms?

Are you planning to try shrooms for the first time? The following tips are the information you should know before trying psilocybin mushrooms to ensure a worthwhile mystical experience.

  • Set and setting are essential in preparing for your psychedelic experience
  • Dosage should be controlled to avoid consuming too much; always start small
  • The entire experience may extend up to eight hours
  • There are risks involved; good examples include paranoia, anxiety, and confusion
  • Avoid mixing them with any hallucinogenic drugs


A significant population mushroom users consume it for recreational purposes, and they prove effective in delivering a relaxed and mellow experience. The essence of magic mushroom is for relaxation; sit back and relax the visual and audio experience felt after ingestion. The method you consume magical mushrooms also plays a significant role in the severity and intensity of your experience, so choose an approach that works for you.

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